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Introducing an easy way to find out about new surveys—faster. Download the Fakt app and you can be among the first to know when a new survey pops up, so you’ll never miss out again. Plus you get PAID EXTRA when you refer friends!

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Fakt wants your opinions and will reward you for them. Not only in cash, but also through giveaways. Sign up now to be notified of future giveaways.

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Your opinion influences brands

Brands come to Fakt looking for your opinion on all kinds of things, from current stores to new products. Why? Because they know the responses they receive are from current or past college students, who have been verified using data from the National Student Clearinghouse. Your information is secure, and your answers are confidential. Simply put, we pay you to help brands develop insights—no gimmicks.

Your information is protected

Fakt will never share or sell your personal information. Period. Your opinions are compiled anonymously for brands and other companies looking for information, but your name, address and other personal information will never accompany these results.

No gimmicks

Most survey companies make you build up a large minimal balance before you actually get paid. Fakt pays you after each survey—every time. Meaning you’ll always have a little extra pocket change, with payouts sent via PayPal.

Here’s How it Works:

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Be the first to know when
a new survey pops up.


Get bonus cash when you
refer a friend!


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